Research Policy

Volunteers will research in our library for $20 per hour, payable to SSGHS as a check or money order. This is to be paid before research is begun. You will be notified if our researcher finds that more information is available, but would require more time. You may then decide to authorize and pay for more research time. Keep your request brief, clear, and to the point.

Include the following:

  • Name of person sought;
  • Time period;
  • Place;
  • Information wanted or type of record to search;
  • Sources that you have already checked and sources we should not check.

BEFORE REQUESTING RESEARCH, please read the information below:

Our Society covers southern Cook County (including the Roseland/Pullman area of Chicago ) and eastern Will County . (See which towns and townships are part of our area included in other sections of the website.) Although we have material from the United States and many foreign countries, our library’s collection is strongest in Cook and Will Counties, Illinois, and Lake County, Indiana .

To request research by our volunteers, note the following:

  • Request is written and mailed to SSGHS. E-mail requests ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Request is accompanied by a self-addressed stamped business-sized envelope.
  • Check or money order accompanies request (international requestors should enclose a self-addressed business size envelope and International Reply coupons for a reply)
  • Needed information (see above) accompanies request
    Research requests should be mailed to

South Suburban Genealogical and Historical Society
3000 W. 170th Place
Hazel Crest , IL 60429-1174
         Allow 3-4 weeks for a response.

Our society has readings of 96 cemeteries in the Cook and Will County area in our library. There is an online master index by township to these readings. If it is not convenient for you to come to the library, we will do the research for you. We charge $5 per surname per cemetery. That means for $5 we would send copies of every mention of a particular surname in ONE cemetery. If you choose for us to do the research, send a check payable to SSGHS along with your surname(s) and cemetery(s) and a self-addressed business-size stamped envelope.

We have an obituary file that covers the time period 1970 to 2006 from a local newspaper. We will check this file for you if you provide the person’s name, approximate date of death and other identifying information. We will check the obituary file for $2.00 per name if you are a member or $5.00 per name if a non-member. To become a member, click here.  Please include a self-addressed stamped business-size envelope.  

Several of our members have worked to create an index to obituaries found in the Blue Island Sun-Standard newspaper. The index covers the years 1919 to 1969.  The index can be found in the databases section of the website.  To request a copy of an obituary for a name found in the database, click here for an order form. The price for these obits are $2.00 each if you are a member or $5.00 for each copy if a non-member. To become a member, click here.

We have records for the following funeral homes: 
Otto – 10928 Michigan Ave , Chicago (Roseland) – 1923-1985 
Carlson – 304 W. 119th St. , Chicago (Roseland) – 1937-1955 
Rogan-Griesel – 102nd & Ewing, Chicago ( East Side ) – 1914-1935 
Davis-Hammond Prowell 305 E. 16th St. Chicago Heights – 1943-1983 
Hack – Beecher – INDEX only- 1901-1951 
Zechlin – Frankfort- 1909-1948 
Fedde-Helfrich – Peotone – 1897-1915

Research policy applies as listed above.

In 1987, we published a survey of funeral homes in the Chicago area. THIS QUARTERLY IS OUT OF PRINT. The survey requested information about the records at the business. We did not receive a response from all funeral homes. If you wish information about a particular funeral home, we will check this source ONLY for a $5 fee and a SASE.

A collection of materials from the estate of Ira Bishop, cofounder of the society, were donated to SSGHS. Ira Bishop apparently based his work on the book The Descendants of John Bishop by William Whitney Cone and George Allen Root (published 1951 by John Guy Bishop, Nyack , New York ) and sought to add information to it. His method was to gather any reference to BISHOP and attempt to place it correctly. As a result, many folders of information exist on “unplaced” people. Researchers may use the collection at the society or may request research by mail. Research policy applies, as listed above. The collection includes:

  • Notebooks arranged by family (indexed)
  • Notebooks of “state” information- usually census extractions (un-indexed)
  • An index to the notebooks. Surnames other than Bishop were filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah (catalog card copy included)
  • Miscellaneous published books and booklets
  • The Cone Collection- used by Cone to write his book on the Bishop family. It includes family group sheets, correspondence, etc.
  • Folders containing information about:
  • Individuals surnamed Bishop (may or may not be included in the notebooks)
  • Other families, areas, correspondence (may or may not be included in the notebooks)
  • Both sets of folders are alphabetical and are not indexed.

If you appreciate the fact that SSGHS exists and our volunteers work to have material such as cemetery records available, 
you might consider joining our society or making a donation.  
A one year membership is $25.00 and includes a monthly newsletter, a quarterly publication, 
discounts on most of our publications and free access to the library.

To become a member, click here.