Canadian and French Canadian Research

Materials Available for Canadian and French Canadian Family History Research in the SSGHS Library.

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Additional materials on Canada and French Candians Research can be found in the Pamphlet File.

CD 971 D-FAM Canadian genealogy index 1600s-1900s. — (Family archives) Family Tree Maker
CD 971 D-ONT Ontario and Nova Scotia settlers, 1790-1860
CD 971.3 D-FAM Census index Ontario Canada 1871 Family Tree Maker
CD 973 VIT Vital records index: North America. — ( Family history resource file) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
F H BISHOP Bishop families of Quebec City and the county of Portneuf Duhe, Raymond
F H GRIER Griers : pioneers in America and Canada 1816-1991 Grier, William M.
F H LEMOINE Genealogy of the LeMonie-Civalier lineage in France-Canada-USA Trampush, Raymond I / Trampush, Aurora LeMoine
F H PLOGER Biographical sketches of John and Margaret (Rutherford) Ploger and their ancestors from Canada and Germany Magnuson, Carole Carr
MFC 971 H-VAI La Conquete du Canada par les Normans : biographie de la premiere generation normande du Canada Vaillancourt, Emilie
MFC 971.44 D-REP Repertoire des mariages de Sainte Anne de la Perade, Quebec, Canada 1684-1900
277.3 LIN Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches 1999 Lindner, Eileen W.
282 OFF Official Catholic Directory
353.4 BUL Bullinger’s postal and shippers guide for the United States and Canada Bullinger, Edwin W.
353.4 CAN Canada official postal guide 1940-1941
906 MCD Directory of historical societies and agencies in the United States and Canada  11th  ed. McDonald, Donna
912 ALL Allstate Motor Club road atlas USA Canada Mexico.
912 NEW New Grosset road atlas of the United States, Canada and Mexico
912 RAN Rand McNally road atlas of the United States, Canada and Mexico
929 MEY Meyer’s directory of genealogical societies in the USA and Canada.  19th ed. Meyer, Mary Keysor
929.1 KEM Vital records handbook Kemp, Thomas J.
929.373 PAS Passenger and immigration lists index Meyer, Mary K
929.4 ONT Ontario Genealogical Society directory of surnames Ontario Genealogical Society
971 A-BAX In search of your Canadian roots  Second edition Baxter, Angus
971 A-GEY French-Canadian sources :  a guide for genealogists Geyh, Patricia Keeney
971 A-GOR Genealogical research and the public archives of Canada Gordon, Robert S.
971 A-IRV Finding Your Canadian Ancestors : A Beginner’s Guide (Finding Your Ancestors Series) Irvine, Sherry / Obee, Dave
971 A-JON Canadian genealogical handbook Jonasson, Eric
971 A-RES Research outline Canada
971 A-TRA Tracing your ancestors in Canada
971 D-BIN Baptist year book 1948-1949 for the convention of Ontario and Quebec Bingham, H. H.
971 D-BIR Births-deaths-marriages Christian Messenger January 1858 – December 1862 Volume 2 Ontario Genealogical Society
971 D-STA Star almanac : a Canadian cyclopedia of facts and figures 1893
971 H-BAG Little immigrants : orphans who came to Canada Bagnell, Kenneth
971 H-FIE Land of promise : the story of early Canada Field, John L. / Dennis, Lloyd A / Maitland, Allistair
971 H-NEW Company of adventurers  volume 1 :  the story of the Hudson’s Bay Company Newman, Peter C.
971 H-SWA Canada :  symbols of sovereignty Swan, Conrad
971 P-CAN Canadian genealogist
971 P-LOS Lost in Canada? : Canadian–American query exchange
971 T-FOD Fodor’s Canada 1979
971 T-REA Reader’s Digest atlas of Canada
971.024 H-MIK United Empire Loyalists :  pioneers of Upper Canada Mika, Nick
971.272 H-CRA Cranberry Portage :  a pictorial history
971.3 A-KEF Some Ontario references and sources for the family historian Keffer, Marion C. / Kirk, Robert F. / Kirk, Audrey L.
971.3 D-FRA Report of the Department of Public Records and Archives of Ontario vol. 4 Fraser, Alexander
971.3 D-REI Death notices of Ontario Reid, William D
971.3 D-REI Marriage notices of Ontario Reid, William D
971.3 H-BRO Ghost towns of Ontario Brown, Ron
971.3 H-FLE Power at cost :  Ontario hydro and rural electrification, 1911-1958 Fleming, Keith R.
971.3 P-FAM Families [Periodical]
971.3 P-ONT Ontario register
971.336 D-ASS Assessments, township of Windham 1809 & 1826
971.336 D-COL Collections of the Norfolk Historical Society preliminary inventory
971.336 D-EIG 1851 Census Windham township, (Norfolk County, Ontario)
971.336 D-VOT Voters’ list, 1879 municipality of the township of Walsingham county of Norfolk Ontario Canada (Mid-Michigan General Society occasional paper) Mid-Michigan Genealogical Society
971.352 H-WEN Wentworth bygones
971.352 P-HAM Hamilton Branch Ontario Genealogical Society
971.382 D-ONT Clyde Forks Cemetery Lavant Township Lanark Co Lot 17, Conc 5 Clyde Forks, Ontario Headrick, Iva M / Ontario Gen. Soc.
971.382 H-BEN In search of Lanark Bennett,Carol / Bennett, Carol
971.382 H-McG Pioneer history of the county of Lanark McGill, Jean S.
971.382 H-MEI Maberly Fair : a centennial celebration Meikel, Duncan
971.4 D-MAS Canadian passports 1681-1752 Massicotte, E A / Jarry, Paul R
971.4 H-BES St Lawrence (Rivers of America) Beston, Henry
971.4 H-LAF Our French-Canadian Ancestors Laforest, Thomas J.
971.4 H-TUL River barons :  Montreal businessmen and the growth of industry and transportation 1837-53 Tulchinsky, Gerald J. J.
971.456 H-RAJ Drummondville :  150 ans de vie quotidienne au coeur du Quebec Rajotte, Ernestine Charland
971.5 P-GEN Generations
971.5 P-NEW New Brunswick genealogical society newsletter
971.532 D-JOH Irish emigration to New England through the port of St John, New Brunswick, Canada, 1841 to 1849 Johnson, Daniel F.
971.6 A-PUN Genealogical research in Nova Scotia. Third revised edition Punch, Terrence M.
971.6 H-GIL Loyalists And Land Settlement In Nova Scotia Gilroy, Marion
971.6 P-ACA Acadian genealogy exchange
971.6 P-NOV Nova Scotia genealogist
971.6 P-NOV Nova Scotia historical review
971.8 H-ENG Historic Newfoundland and Labrador. 8th rev ed English, L. E. F.
973.0949 OOS To find a better life :  aspects of Dutch immigration to Canada and the United States 1920-1970 Oosterman, Gerald
973.09498 WER Romanians in the United States and Canada : a guide to ancestry and heritage research Wertsman, Vladimir F.
973.0971 AME American-Canadian genealogist
973.0971 CAN Canadian-American Journal of History & Genealogy for Canadian, French & Metis Study
If the people you are researching are French, but not necessarily Canadian, you might find the materials listed below useful.
944 A-FRA Huguenot genealogical research Franklin, Charles M.
973.0944 REA Trail of the Huguenots in Europe, the United States, South Africa and Canada Reamon, G. Elmore
974.5 H-POT Memoir Concerning the French settlements and French settlers in the colony of Rhode Island Potter, Elisha R.
975.7 D-HIR Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina Hirsch, Arthur Henry
977.433 D-DEN Genealogy of the French families of the Detroit River region 1701-1911 Denissen, Christian
977.5 H-ALD Wisconsin’s early French habitants Alderson, Jo Bartels/ Rennert, Kate Alderson