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Materials Available for African American Family History Research in the SSGHS Library.

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326 ADA  Great negroes past and present Adams, Russell L 1963
326 APP Africana: the encyclopedia of the African American experience Appiah, Kwame Anthony 1999
326 BEN Before the Mayflower: a history of the Negro in America 1619 -1962 Bennett, Lerone, Jr 1962
326 BEN Before the Mayflower: a history of the Negro in America ca 1619-1964 Bennett, Lerone, Jr 1966
326 BOS Lizzie’s story: a slave family’s journey to freedom Boswell, Clarice 2002
326 BUR Black Roots: a beginner’s guide to tracing the African American family tree Burroughs,Tony 2001
326 DAY Locating free African American ancestors: a beginner’s guide Day, Aaron L 2003
326 GAT Finding Oprah’s Roots: finding your own Gates, Henry Louis, Jr 2007
326 GIB Progress of a race Gibson, J. W. 1912
326 HEN Autobiography of The Reverend Josiah Henson Henson, Josiah 1969
326 HUS 1936 delegates to the National Negro Congress Husband, Lori 1998
326 JAC Incidents in the life of a slave girl Jacobs, Harriet 2001
326 JOU Index to the Journal of Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly issues 1980-1990 1991
326 RIC Evidences of progress among colored people Richings, G F 1905
326 ROS Black genesis: a resource book for African-American genealogy Rose, James M 2003
326 SEC Guide to tracing your African American Civil War ancestor Secret, Jeanette Braxton 1997
326 SIM Bibliography of African American family history at the Newberry Library Simpson, Jack 2005
326 SMI Genealogist’s guide to discovering your African-American ancestors Smith, Franklin Carter 2003
326 STR Slave genealogy: a research guide with case studies Streets, David H 1986
326 THA Case studies in Afro-American genealogy Thackery, David T 1989
326 THA Finding your African-American ancestors: a beginner’s guide Thackery, David T 2000
326 TRU Black America: a bibliography of the holdings of the Purdue University Calumet Campus Library Trusty, Lance 1976
326 TYL Underground railroad resources in the United States theme study Tyler-McGraw, Marie 1998
326 WAL Black genealogy: how to begin Walker, James D 1977
326 WAL Black Indian genealogy research: African American ancestors among the Five Civilized Tribes Walton-Raji, Angela Y 1993
326 WEI American Negro slavery: a modern reader Weinstein, Allen 1968
326 WIT Bibliography of sources for black family history in the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Department Witcher, Curt Bryan 1989
326 WOO Finding a place called home: a guide to African-American genealogy and historical identity Woodtor, Dee Parmer 1999
326.92 MON Autobiography of a runaway slave Montejo, Esteban 1968
331 BRA Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters: its origins and development Brazeal, Brailsford R 1946
331 SAN Miles of smiles, years of struggle: stories of Black Pullman porters Santino, Jack 1991
929.3 SEL Selected bibliography of print and non-print Afro-American genealogy 1982
973.8 FAM CD Freedman’s Bank records Family Search 2000
973.8 HER CD World immigration series : African Americans in the 1870 US  Federal census Heritage Quest 2000
973.8 LEC Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative Of The Negro Cavalry In The West Leckie, William H 1967
974.426 D-CAR Black Families in Hampden County, Massachusetts 1650-1955 Carvalho, Joseph, III 1984
975 H-OLM Slave States Olmstead, Frederick Law 1959
975.2 D-CAR Maryland slave owners and superintendents 1798 Carothers, Bettie Stirling 1974
975.3 H-HUT Anacostia story, 1608-1930 Hutchinson, Louise Daniel 1977
976.2 D-WEB African Americans: a Mississippi source book Webster, Anne L 2001
976.9425 H-SIN History of the Baptist Church at the Stamping Ground, KY 1795- Singer, J W 1970
977 H-SMI Liberty and Free Soil parties in the Northwest Smith, Theodore Clarke 1967
977.239 D-BAR Knox County, Indiana early land reocrd and court indexes (includes records of slaves and masters) Barekman, June B 1973
977.252 D-SPE Admission record Indianapolis Asylum for Friendless colored children Spears, Jean E 1978
977.3 A-ILL Illinois African American resource guide 1999
977.3 D-TRE River roads to freedom Tregillis, Helen Cox 1988
977.3 H-GOO Eighth Illinois Goode, W T 1899
977.3 T-ILL Illinois generations: a traveler’s guide to African American heritage  nd
977.311 D-CIT Chicago’s Black population Chicago Dept of Planning and Development 1975
977.311 D-HUS 1930 hallelujah contestants Husband, Lori 1992
977.311 D-HUS Chicago World War I draftees districts 3,4,5 and 70 Husband, Lori 1990
977.311 D-HUS Deaths in the Chicago Defender 1910-1920 Husband, Lori 1990
977.311 H-FAI Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church 2004 convocation 2004
977.311 H-FEL Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 1999 cotillion/beautillion 1999
977.311 H-REG Black Chicago’s first century Volume 1, 1833-1900 Reed, Christopher Robert 2005
977.3162 D-ALA Index of headstones in Lincoln Cemetery Chicago , Illinois Afro-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Chicago Alabama Study Group 1999
977.3167 H-MCC Final ministry of Amanda Berry Smith: an orphanage in Harvey, Illinois McClellan, Larry 1994
977.3167 H-MCC Final ministry of Amanda Berry Smith: an orphanage in Harvey, Illinois 1895-1918 McClellan, Larry 1997
977.5 H-ETH Black settlers in rural Wisconsin Cooper, Zachary 1994
978 H-BUR Black, buckskin, and blue: African American Scouts and soldiers on the Western frontier Burton, Art T 1999
F H JONES Descendants of Shandy Wesley Jones and Evalina Love Jones: the story of an African American family of Tuscaloosa, Alabama Pinkard, Ophelia Taylor 1993