Pullman Employee Records

This collection contains information from the Pullman Car Works located at 111th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in Pullman (Chicago), Illinois, one of the largest employers in the area. There are approximately 200,000 individuals represented in this collection. The collection does not include the records for all Pullman employees at all locations, and does not include records of Pullman porters.
Information varies for each individual’s packet. It may contain only a name or an entire employee file, including birth certificate, military records, pictures, family relationships, work history, education and cause of death.

The Pullman collection is not open to the public. Research is done only by authorized Pullman Committee members.
The Pullman Committee reserves the right of omission. Some information may not be released due to the Privacy Act.

Free Quick Search is Available!
At no charge the SSGHS volunteer staff will search the employee records of the Pullman Car Works (circa 1900-1949).
Please allow six to eight weeks for a response.

If you choose to order an employee file after the free search has been completed and returned to you, the fee will be: Members $7 each and Non-members $15 each.

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Pullman stock certificates for Sale! 

Original Pullman Incorporated stock certificates may be purchased at $3 each for SSGHS members, $5 each for non-members. Choice of color: olive green, brick red, royal blue and orange/gold. No choice of year available. Size: 8 by 12 inches. Order a certificate by sending a check payable to ” SSGHS / Pullman” to:
SSGHS / Pullman
3000 W. 170th Place,
Hazel Crest, IL. 60429 – 1174

Pullman Patent Documents for Sale!

At the time the Society collected the Pullman Employee files, they also obtained several original patent documents.
These documents are bound with a blue ribbon and contain a red raised seal that reads “Patent Office United States of America”.  All contain several pages of drawings and text.
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