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Where The Trails Cross (society quarterly)

1970 – 2001

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Compiled by Janice Helge using SKYINDEX. If you find this index useful,
please make a donation to the SSGHS Book Fund. Thank you.

How to use the surname index:
To find the surname page, click on the first letter of the surname in the table.  Then search the page.

How to search the page:
Press the <Crtl> and F keys at the same time.
Type the surname in the “Find” box.  (Not case sensitive)
Click Find Next or Next depending on your browser.
The surname will be highlighted if it appears on this page
followed for example by 31:1 p.12 .
This means that the surname will be found in Where the Trails Cross, Volume 31, Issue 1 on page 12.

For example, to look for the surname “Aakon,” click on the letter “A” in the table
and search for “Aakon,” which is listed in the index as “Aakon 29-2:46.”
This means that the surname Aakon could be found in Where the Trails Cross,
Volume 29, Issue 2 on page 46.

Scroll down to see if the name appears again.

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