As a Members-Only benefit, SSGHS is pleased provide access to DNA Boot Camp webinars recorded by Thomas MacEntee and DNA expert, Mary Eberle, J.D. Information presented was correct at the time it was recorded. As genetic genealogy evolves so rapidly, you are advised to check with the testing sites for updates to tools, methods, and Terms of Service.

Click on the Boot Camp link below to be taken to that Boot Camp’s page. Each Boot Camp includes two videos; special passwords that you must enter to view that video; and at the bottom, PDFs of the accompanying handouts. For each video, please enter the password that is shown above that “player.”

DNA Boot Camp 1: Getting Started with DNA and Genealogy

DNA Boot Camp 2: Additional DNA Tools and Concepts

DNA Boot Camp 3: Interpreting Your AncestryDNA Results

DNA Boot Camp 4: Interpreting Your FTDNA and 23andMe Results

DNA Boot Camp 5: Solving Family Mysteries with DNA

DNA Boot Camp 6: Finding Birth Families Using DNA

DNA Boot Camp 7: GEDMatch & Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence