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SSGHS Research Series

Volume 1: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago. Newspaper extractions from The Calumet Weekly Index, 1909, plus histories of funeral homes, cemeteries and Masonic lodges in the Greater Roseland Area. Edited by Jan Helge. (101 pages; pub. 1990)$10.00
Volume 2: Able-Bodied Men, Military Census 1861-1862A list of able-bodied male citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 from these Cook County townships: Bloom, Bremen, Calumet, Cicero, Hyde Park, Jefferson, Lake, Lake View, Lemont, Lyons, Orland, Palos, Proviso, Rich, South Chicago, Thornton, West Chicago, and Worth, IL. Edited by Kirk Vandenberg (100 pages; pub. 1990)$10.00
Volume 3: An Inventory of Cemeteries in South Cook County, IllinoisInformation on each cemetery in the following townships includes: where located, and existence of records: Bloom, Bremeb, Calumet, Lemont, Orland, Palos, Rich, Thornton, and Worth. Edited by Jo Ellen Johnson. (105 pages; pub. 1991)$10.00
Volume 4: Greater Roseland Area of Chicago Newspaper Extracts 1882-1894Social and business news extracted from newspapers published in the Pullman and Roseland areas. Births and obituaries are included as well. Edited by Jan Helge and Paula Malak. (91 pages; pub. 1992)$10.00
Volume 5: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago (Public) SchoolsA history of the Roseland Area public schools including lists of graduates, when available, up to 1905. Edited by Jan Helge and Paula Malak. (110 pages; pub. 1994)$10.00
Volume 6: Harvey, Illinois Newspaper Extracts 1882-1894Abstracts of births, deaths, marriages, obituaries, biographies of political candidates and some unusual items. Edited by Janice Helge and Paula Malak. (110 pages; pub. 1994)$10.00
Volume 7: Extracts from Fourteenth Annual Report of the Railroad and Warehouse Commission of IllinoisIncludes information from 54 railroads in Illinois for the year ending June 30, 1884. Historical part of the report may include information about its organization and construction, officers, directors, etc. Entries for injuries and deaths include the name of the victim, his occupation, date of the accident, and whether the person was injured or killed; and the name of the railroad. Extracted by Paula Malak. (64 pages; pub. 1999)$10.00
Volume 8: South Side Snippets, Lake County (IN) Times Extracts covering West Pullman, Burnside, Pullman, Roseland, Windsor Park, Dauphin Park and Kensington, IL.Covers Oct. 1906 through June 1907 for the geographic area south of Chicago. Short columns cover church events, births, weddings, deaths, employment and business news, entertainment and sporting events, who was visiting whom. Extracted by Suzanne Long, indexed. (143 pages; pub. 1999)
OUT OF PRINT; Available to read at SSGHS Library
Volume 9: An English Translation of Chapters Two and Three from De byggde jarnvagsvagnar-emigranterna fran Ryfors hos Pullmans/Chicago by Allan T. Nilson; translated by Raymond E. Johnson.Allan T. Nilson’s book about Swedish emigration to Pullman (IL) in the 1880s is written in the Swedish language and aimed at readers in Western Sweden where the majority of the immigrants originated. Chapters two and three were chosen for translation because of their genealogical value. (30 pages; indexed; pub. 2000)$18.00
Volume 10: An Index to The First Hundred Years 1833-1935 Historical Review of Blue Island, IllinoisApproximately 13,000 names appear in the Blue Island history compiled by John H. Volp. Indexed by Kirk Vandenberg. (77 pages; pub. 2000)
OUT OF PRINT; Available to read at SSGHS Library
Volume 11: Harvey, Illinois During World War IIExtractions from the Harvey Tribune, The Gold Star Honor Roll, and Letters to the Behind-The-Lines Committee. Honoring those from Harvey, Illinois who served in the armed forces during World War II. Compiled by Robert Pierre Roach. )81 pages; indexed; pub. 2001)$18.00
Vol. 12: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago – Svenska Evangelical Lutheran Elims Församlingens (Elim Lutheran Church) 1885 – 1900.Extractions from the records (ca. 1885-1900) of The Elim Swedish Lutheran Church (113th & Forest Ave., Chicago, IL). Data consists of family listings, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, funerals, receptions and dismissal of members. Extracted by Jan Helge. (77 pages; pub. 2004)
OUT OF PRINT; Available to read at SSGHS Library
Vol. 13: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago -Van Vlissingen School 1893-1999.The 106-year history of the Van Vlissingen School, plus names of students from the first graduation class in 1893 to 1972. Some class photo are also included. The school was at 137 West 108th Place in Chicago’s Roseland area. Compiled by Robert W. De Young. Edited by Janice Helge. (131 pages; pub. 2005)$18.00
Volume 14: The Old Blue Island (IL) Cemetery 1867-1935Old Blue Island Cemetery once stood in what is now Memorial Park. There are no known existing record books listing either the burials or the removals for the Blue Island Cemetery. The history of the cemetery as well as the names of those who were buried here were compiled from articles found in old newspapers and published histories. Compiled by Janice Helge and Kirk Vandenberg (53 pages; pub. 2006)
OUT OF PRINT; Available to read at SSGHS Library
Volume 15: First Lutheran Cemetery, Blue Island, IllinoisThis active cemetery dates back to 1858. Names of Worth Township pioneers were transcribed from the tombstones. Edited by Kirk Vandenberg. (124 pages; indexed; pub. 2008)$18.00

Other Publications

Churches of the Greater Roseland Area Church details, including maps showing the locations. Churches are listed alphabetically and by denomination. Neighborhoods covered are from Fernwood to Kensington; from West Pullman to Roseland, and all those in between. Compiled by Janice Helge and Paula Malak. (94 pages; pub. 1988)$10.00
Pictorial RoselandA reprint of Pictorial Roseland, which was originally published by the South End Business Men’s Association in 1907. 88 pages.$18.00
Assumption BVM 25th Anniversary – 1928An English translation of the book originally published by Assumption BVM, a Polish Catholic Church in West Pullman, Illinois. 122 pages.$18.00
Some Cook County Marriages Prior to the FireMarriages culled from miscellaneous sources, by Joan Alguire. 31 pages.$3.00
South Holland School District 151 Historyincludes District 151 history, Gouwens school histories bios and listings of school boards teachers and principals$3.00
Rooting Together: the South Suburban Genealogical & Historical SocietyAn early history of the society and its founders, by Laurence Tunstall Heron. (19 pages; pub 1984)$3.00
Acme Steel Employee Newsletter Extracts
(To learn more about the scope and contents of this publication, go to Acme Steel Employee Newsletter)
Acme Steel Employee Newsletter Extracts  1926-1932  (DVD or USB)
Acme Steel Employee Newsletter Extracts  1935-1944  (DVD or USB)
Acme Steel Employee Newsletter Extracts  1959-1961  (DVD or USB)

Pullman Car Works Standard employee newsletter
plus Index
CD boxed set of 7 disks contains images of the newsletters from May 1916 through August 1919, plus an index and additional photos .$30.00

Cemetery Census for the following townships:

Bloom(DVD format)
(Printed and spiral bound)
DuPage –
St. Patrick’s
(DVD format)
(Printed and spiral bound)
Florence(DVD format)$12.00
Frankfort(Printed and spiral bound)$30.00
Homer(DVD format)$12.00
Lemont(DVD format)$12.00
Monee(DVD format)$12.00
Palos(DVD format)$12.00
Peotone(DVD format)$12.00
Rich(DVD format)
(Printed and spiral bound)
Thornton(DVD format)$12.00
Will(DVD format)$12.00
North Township,
Lake County, IN
(DVD format)$12.00

Where The Trails Cross (the journal of SSGHS)

Some issues are double issues (look for the &. For example, under Cook County Misc., Vol. 32:3&4 is a double issue). Single issues are $4.00 each. Double issues are $8.00 each.

Cook County issues

Town or TownshipVolume/Number
Bloom Township6/1, 11/4, 16/2, 21/1, 27/4, 34/2, 40/4
Blue Island23/1, 31/3, 33/4, 39/4
Bremen Township1/2, 7/1, 12/2, 16/4, 26/1, 35/3, 41/4
Calumet Region6/3
Calumet Township8/1, 13/2, 18/1, 24/1, 30/3, 44/3
Cook County (general)1/1, 11/1, 23/2, 27/1, 28/2, 37/4, 38/4
Hyde Park Township8/1, 13/2, 24/1
Lemont Township1/4, 7/3, 12/4, 17/3, 22/4, 29/3, 40/2
Morgan Park44/3
Orland Township2/2, 9/1, 14/2, 19/1, 30/1, 41/2
Palos Township2/4, 9/3, 14/4, 20/4, 27/3
Pullman19/3, 36/2
Rich Township3/2, 10/2, 15/4, 21/3, 22/2, 28/4, 42/1&2, 45/3&4
Riverdale40/3, 47/2&3, 49/1&2
Roseland19/3, 29/4, 36/4, 37/3, 39/1, 44/1
Thornton Township3/4, 4/2, 8/3, 13/4, 18/3, 24/3, 31/2, 33/3, 34/1, 34/4, 38/3, 40/1, 40/3, 42/4, 47/2&3, 49/1&2
Washington Heights44/3
Worth Township4/4, 5/2&3, 11/2, 15/2, 20/2, 23/1, 26/4, 31/3, 33/2, 33/4, 35/2, 39/4, 44/2

Will County issues

Some issues are double issues (look for the &. For example, under Green Garden, Vol. 48:1&2 is a double issue). Single issues are $4.00 each. Double issues are $8.00 each.

Town or TownshipVolume/Number
Carey Township4/5
Crete Township1/3, 6/2, 11/3, 15/3, 20/3, 27/2
Frankfort Township2/1, 6/4, 12/1, 16/3, 17/1, 22/3, 29/2, 31/1
Green Garden Township2/3, 7/2, 12/3, 17/1, 22/1, 29/1, 35/1, 41/3, 48/1&2
Homer Township3/1, 7/4, 13/1, 17/4, 23/3, 30/2, 39/3,
Manhattan Township3/3, 8/2, 13/3, 18/2, 24/1
Momence & Sherbourne5/4
Monee Township4/1, 4/5, 8/4, 14/1, 18/4, 24/4, 28/1, 31/4, 36/3
New Lenox Township4/3, 9/2, 14/3, 19/2, 26/2, 36/1
Peotone Township9/4, 15/1, 20/1, 26/3, 36/1
Washington Township10/1, 16/1, 21/2, 28/3
Will County11/1, 19/4, 23/4, 33/1, 34/3, 38/4, 41/1, 41/4, 43/1&2, 43/3&4, 46/4, 47/4
Will Township10/1, 16/1, 21/4, 28/3, 38/1&2
Wilton Township5/1, 10/3&4, 18/2, 29/3
Yellowhead (Kakakee County)38/1&2

Other issues

Some issues are double issues (look for the &. For example, under Dutch, Vol. 32:3&4 is a double issue). Single issues are $4.00 each. Double issues are $8.00 each.

Acme Steel News40/3
Baseball in the South Suburbs42/3
Civil War Diary of Isaac Newton Carr/ Civil War Diary of Capt James B. Irvine45/2, 46/2&3
Cyrus Teed and the Koreshan Unity45/1
Dutch32/3&4, 35/4, 37/3
Four Southland Men in a Forgotten War (Korea)48/3&4
Funeral Home Survey17/2
Good Guys and Bad Guys44/4
La importanza dei amici (Spaghettios)44/1
SSGHS Library25/1, 46/1
Underground Railroad in the Chicago region47/1
World War I49/3&4
Subject Index25/2, 30/4, 37/1

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