Prepared by Carole Magnuson, this five volume SSGHS project includes images and indexes of the company newsletters for issues (with gaps) published from 1926 to 1998. The newsletters have been digitized along with three indexes – “Surnames,” “Company Name,” and “Selected Articles.”

Three volumes of the five planned Acme Steel newsletter collections are now available:

Volume: Newsletters for April 1926 to Jan-Feb 1932” contains company newsletters entitled Good fellowship Tattler and Scrap newsletter. Between the two publications, there are approximately 6,600 names of employees and others who appear in this issue.

“Volume: 1935 – 1944″ (the latest release) contains company newsletters entitled Acme Steel News for approximately 39,000 surname entries. (Members onlyDownload surname list.)

Volume: 1959-1961” contains company newsletters with approximately 3,500 surnames.

The remaining two volumes to be indexed cover (1) Acme Steel Newsletters published from 1945-1958 and (2) Miscellaneous Acme Steel Publications (Interlake Magazine, Acme-Newport Notes, Acme Steel Reported, Interlake Reporter, Acme Metals, Inc. and Acme Life) from August 1957 to 1998 (with gaps). Also included in the fifth volume are two issues of Coke & Iron Monthly of By Products Coke Corporation & Iroquois Iron (September 1917 & May 1919).

Much information about individual employees is contained in the newsletters such as: births, marriages, deaths, military service, company service anniversaries, and retirements. Many photographs of employees and their families are contained in the newsletters including in some cases baby pictures or marriage announcement photos. Employees and their families have lived throughout the area, particularly in Chicago and the southern and western suburbs. Also included in the indexes are many names of people not employed by Acme Steel, but who interacted with the Acme Steel employees as relatives, employees of other local companies, and residents in the surrounding communities.

The company’s main office was located at 2840 Archer Avenue, Chicago, while the steel mills were located in Riverdale, Illinois. Several satellite sales offices were established throughout this country and Canada. Hard copy surname indexes have been prepared for two of the volumes and are available for reference at the SSGHS Library. Come into the library and check these indexes (searchable by surname) to see who and what are included. Then if interested these volumes can be purchased with the shipping and handling costs saved. An index for the latest volume covering 1935-1944 is in the works.

Ordering and payment:

  • Send check or money order to SSGHS, 3000 170th West 170 Place, Hazel Crest, IL 60429 -1174
  • Pick up at the SSGHS library, saving shipping and handling (for hours call 708-335-3340).

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