SSGHS - RoselandThe Roseland area of Chicago is a very popular subject for many people. As a service to those people, we list all our available publications related to Roseland.

Volume 1: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago. Reprint now Available!Newspaper extractions from The Calumet Weekly Index, 1909, plus histories of funeral homes, cemeteries and Masonic lodges in the Greater Roseland Area. Edited by Jan Helge. 101 pages. Pub. 1990.
Volume 4: Greater Roseland Area of Chicago Newspaper Extracts 1882-1894Social and business news extracted from newspapers published in the Pullman and Roseland areas. Births and obituaries are included as well. Edited by Jan Helge and Paula Malak. 91 pages. Published 1992.
Volume 5: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago (Public) SchoolsA history of the Roseland Area public schools including lists of graduates, when available, up to 1905. Edited by Jan Helge and Paula Malak. 110 pages. Published 1994.
Volume 8: South Side Snippets, Lake County (IN) Times Extracts covering West Pullman, Burnside, Pullman, Roseland, Windsor Park, Dauphin Park and Kensington, IL.Covers Oct. 1906 through June 1907 for the geographic area south of Chicago. Short columns cover church events, births, weddings, deaths, employment and business news, entertainment and sporting events, who was visiting whom. Extracted by Suzanne Long, indexed. 143 pages. Published 1999.
Vol. 12: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago – Svenska Evangelical Lutheran Elims Församlingens (Elim Lutheran Church) 1885 – 1900.Extractions from the records (ca. 1885-1900) of The Elim Swedish Lutheran Church (113th & Forest Ave., Chicago, IL). The data consists of family listings, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, funerals, receptions and dismissal of members. Extracted by Jan Helge. 77 pages. Published 2004.
Vol. 13: The Greater Roseland Area of Chicago -Van Vlissingen School 1893-1999.The 106-year history of the Van Vlissingen School as well as names of students from the first graduation class in 1893 to 1972. Some class photographs are also included. The school was located at 137 West 108th Place in the Roseland area of Chicago. Compiled by Robert W. De Young. Edited by Janice Helge. 131 pages. Published 2005.
Churches of the Greater Roseland (Chicago) AreaHistories of churches in the Greater Roseland Area. Compiled by Jan Helge and Paula Malak. 94 pages. Published 1988.
WTTC, Vol. 29/4 Roseland (Chicago) Illinois – Special limited reprint now available. Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Roseland, 1849-1999. 42 pages. A collection of memories. Edited by Janice Helge.
WTTC, Vol. 36/4 A Tribute to Roseland from Fenger ’65This not to be missed issue of Where The Trails Cross is a quarterly publication of SSGHS. More than 30 graduates from Fenger classes of January and June 1965 have contributed to this very special issue on the Greater Roseland Area. Compiled by Janice Helge. 46 pages.
WTTC, Vol. 39/1 Roseland MemoriesA fascinating collection of stories shared by people that grew up in Roseland. Compiled by Janice Helge. 30 pages.
Pictorial RoselandA reprint of Pictorial Roseland, which was originally published by the South End Business Men’s Association in 1907. 88 pages. More information.