Complete Index of Inventory of Will County Estates

Volume 191 1902 – 1903


This database contains the names of the deceased found in the Inventory of Estates 1902 – 1903 volume 191. This volume was microfilmed by Will County and then the original book was given to our Society.

In Volume 41:1 of Where the Trails Cross, the Society published detailed information on the first twenty-two (22) inventories in this volume. The inventories contain information about the date of the inventory, real estate, chattel property, notes and accounts of the deceased. The record did not, however, give the date of death.

We also included an alphabetical list of the names of all of the deceased people whose estates are contained in this book of records. This index does not include any other names such as the name of the Administrator of the Estate, or the names of anyone owed money by the estate, or the names of anyone who owed money to the estate.


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Albrecht, Christian F. 94
Anderson, Carl August129
Angus, Salome177
Arndt, Mary M.47
Attaway, Edward W.140
Babcock, Charles A.120
Baldwin, Jesse119
Barrett, Thomas267, 317
Barrow, John138
Bartels, Charles308
Baskerville, John266
Battendorf, Matthias263
Bauch, Christiana184
Bauch, George206
Beauley, Rose103
Beckwith, Helen M.304
Beebe, Amanda M.72
Bennett, George57
Bentley, Robert190
Bez, George66
Boardman, Franklin298
Bock, Margaret88
Boden, Charles F.153
Bodnar, Jan196
Brassel, Joseph121
Braun, William C.237
Breen, John, Sr.12
Breidert, Katherine194
Brennan, Bridget104
Brennan, Nicholas J.80
Brereton, Joseph182
Brown, Caroline D.25
Brown, Eugene C.175
Brown, Sarah A.115
Bruns, Henry170
Burke, James76
Carlson, John Gustaf114
Cassidy, Ann81
Chambers, Martha48
Collins, Alice9
Collins, Peter235
Colonna, Giuseppe56
Cornwall, Marilla P.158
Cottel, Charles38
Crouch, John133
Curran, Ellen282
Curtiss, Romaine J.146
Cushing, Patrick305
Daniels, Cornelia B.164
Daniels, Cornelia B.262
Danne, August96
Darling, Libbie M.23
Deininger, John George22
Delac, Stephen or Stef203
Delaney, Ellen144
Delaney, James54
Deline, Nancy127
Dennis, Johnathan61
Dixon, George R.171
Doering, Theodore 62
Dohle, Mathias11
Dopp, John88
Dow, Minerva C.109
Downing, John14
Duggan, John285
Ebner, Joseph167
Eddy, Mary Jane259
Egan, James26
Elwood, Bridget200
Elwood, Juliet L.175
Eneix, Louvinia4
Engelking, Hans Heinrich163
Esch, Henry131
Etheridge, Esther59
Evers, Wilhelm Heinrich107
Fell, George152
Fetz, John J.192
Fitch, Julius D.79
Folkers, Johnson290
Foster, Giles D.201
Freeman, James B.86
Freeman, Frederick37
Freer, Jane38
Galvin, John172
Gardner, Margaret159
Garrett, William J.17
Gavican, Thomas87
Gavin, Thomas257
Geist, Charles U.19
George, Hannah10
Giblin, John20
Gibson, James249
Gill, Catherine A272
Gooding,, Eunice D84
Gowran, Ann71
Graham, Edward280
Gray, John299
Greenwood, William W276
Grover, Milicent284
Grundy, Mary C123
Haas, Mathias 2
Hale, Margaret L30
Harms, Herry R161
Hauert, Rosa75
Hawley, Sarah199
Heise, Adolphus W255
Heise, Zella H254
Heitman, Henry150
Hemphill, Cyrus193
Henderson, Helen A224
Heussner, Christina273
Hill, Charles77
Hill, John W12
Hills, Katharina135
Hooton, Joseph E67
Houck, George117
Hurley, Grant44
Hutson, Charles A151
Hymes, Martha210
Ireland , William250
Jan, Henry118
Jarmuth, Fritz49
Jillson, John A98
Johnsen, John S180
Johnson, Alice S136
Johnson, Elof110
Johnston, Charles USee Book 187 Page 584
Jones, Clarissa B274
Keevers, William289
Kelly, Annie J243
Kelly, Margaret165
Kelly, Michael99
Kennelley, Daniel113
Kettelhohn, Fred300
Kiernan, Ann278
Killmer, Eunice E306
Killmer, George82
Kirstein, Henry83
Klemme, Christian302
Klemme, Florence A166
Klingler, Elias97
Koelling, Wm. J.293
Kolath, Ignatz124
Konowalski, Augustsee Book 192
Krause, Louis65
Krieger, Mary236
Kronmeyer, B. C.191
Krueger, August241
Lawlor, Michael? find
Leukefeldt, Maria E310
Ley, Frank N89
Lindstrom, Zacharias219
Long, William L182
Lutzon, Augusta L226
Lynk, William181
Lyons, Sarah A73
Mackin, Julia169
Mackin, Thos275
Mahan, Mary Jane43
Manjac, John309
Markovich, Michael271
Marti, Nicholas46
Martin, James188
Mason, John63
Mau (Man), John C238
Mayes, Thomas C6
McCarthy, Florence197
McClintock, Eleanor126
McCorkle, Harry295
McCorkle, Samuel244
McDonald, James F212
McGarry, John209
McGauley, Catherine216
McGilvray, Isabella303
McGinn, John218
McGinnis, William246
McGovern, Hannah231
McGowan, John16
McHugh, Thomas162
McKeown, Mary Ann155
Meaden, William E286
Meier, Hans Heinrich29
Meier, John F15
Meier, John O3
Meredith, Thomas204
Messenger, Helen L128
Meyer, Anna52
Meznarsic, John34
Michaelis, Augusta8
Miller, Elizabeth A102
Milow, Bernhard229
Minard, Millicent G198
Mller, Caroline208
Mooney, Mathew122
Mooney, Nellie245
Morris, Annie247
Mundt, Peter242
Nord, John M260-292
Nugent, William H145
Nussbaum, George111
O’Brien, Thomas E28
Odell, Delivan D42
Odenthal, Adolph116
Ogren, John Gust55
O’Herlihy, David205
Orr, James, Sr185
Osmus, John251
Pacheritz, Johanna279
Palmer, Phineas311
Pauli, Charles213
Pease, Jennie E1
Peters, William90
Peters, Frederick261
Pfaff, Caroline5
Platt, Richard301
Plumb, Hattie E60
Powers, Charles A112
Pratt, Esther M154
Puhl, Albert J289
Rafter, Catherine128
Rathbun, Bela F281
Reardon, E. M.174
Rebs, John228
Reed, Henry215
Richter, William124
Ritzmann, Peter222
Rohe, Henry258
Rooney, John H211
Royce, Abner85
Rudd, Rossiter92
Ruder, Mary E270
Sanders, Michael F195
Sauer, Henry A233
Scahill, Bernard70
Scheuber, Marie P291
Schlander, Peter214
Schlander, Peter256
Schmaedeke, August C314
Schmidt, Heinrich264
Schoop, John316
Schrodt, John225
Schubert, Sophia21
Scofield, Elizabeth35
Seaver, Salma D45
Segelke, Dietrich27
Seitz, William M17
Seitz, William M139
Shaw, Bridget53
Shaw, Rebecca18
Shaw, Rebecca91
Shaw, Silas51
Shields, Mary108
Sieling, Dorothee157
Sine, Sarah Jane149
Smith, Bridget313
Sodawesser, Fred106
Sollars, Wm. G.147
Sowden, Mary Ann74
Stapleton, William93
Steiert, Herman294
Stein, Theodore318
Stone, Welton L234
Stoner, George R239
Stork, George101
Storrs, Prentis G64
Streitz, Rudolph105
Strong, Lucy W179
Talbot, Edward32
Teeling, Ann156
Tharp, Adelle R297
Theiler, Joseph F227
Thompson, Alexander Imire, Sr160
Tils, Henry32
Toomey, Patrick50
Trotter, William D130
Tschannen, Christian248
Tyrrell, Mary253
Ulrich, Jacob142
Unland, Emma J33
Unmack, Wilhelm31
Voigt, Heinrch296
Vollmar, Charles277
Vollmar, Phillip252
Wachmuthe, Fred58
Ward, William95
Warden, Mary G36
Weaver, Alois221
Webber, Rosa315
Weichbrodt, Julius265
Werler, Herman H143
Wheeler, Daphne Elizabeth220
Wheeler, David41
Whelan, Patrick78
Whitson, David G24
Wilken, Fritz283
Willard, Polly J187
Williams, James W268
Wilson, Annie et al189
Wilson, Annie173-178
Winter, August312
Wolefeil, Gottlieb69
Wood, Mary A232
Worrell, Olivia183
Wright, Winthrop202
Wunderlich, Mary A269
Ziemer, Herman137